10 best features and uses of Google Drive

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Data storage::

It is the very best medium to store our data that is safe and secure by every means. It offers standard storage of 15GB for free to all the drive users. Without any fuss, you can save your emails, attachments, videos, photos directly on the google drive. Once you are nearing the maximum storage of 15 GB, you get a variety of storage plans to upgrade your storage. You get to choose from the options as per your need of the storage space.


The files which you have saved on the cloud are safe and kept confidential. You can decide whether you want to share it with people and limit their access according to your choice. You can share your files with your friends and family, to allow them to edit, like, comment on the shared file. Online collaboration is one of the best features that is provided by google drive in comparison with another cloud. It lets you create your very own personal network, which can only be viewed and shared with your choice of people.

Different file storage::

Google drive can also save the files which belong to Microsoft office safely. Google Drive offers you high security, so you can easily save your business presentations, business documents, or any other important documents without any sense of worry. It is the most reliable form of data storage online.

Google Drive

Security of data::

Security is given utmost priority for the users. Data stored in the cloud is under high protection and services of security to ensure the safest atmosphere. Google Drive also offers secured Socket Layered online protection. That helps in saving the data of users who are available on their phones and tablets.

Gmail attachments::

Gmail accounts are accessed by every individual, either a student or professionals. All most every business organization, firms, companies use Gmail accounts and drive. It is an excellent platform for users to store your data, email attachments, documents, files of any format on the drive with no fuss. It just takes a click at the drive option, to send your files away where ever you want to. It takes no time to reach on the other end too. It is the quickest process of sharing.

Google drive search::

If you have lost your file and going through all the files becomes hectic as it is actually, you can easily find your missing and needed files by typing the keywords. Once you type the keywords in the search list, all the files would appear, and the searched keyword would be highlighted to make them appear easily and catch your attention. And it makes it easy for the user to choose from the list of files that have to show up on the screen.

Google photos::

Everyone wants to save their personal pictures safely. This feature helps you save your private pictures with great security on the drive and lend them a new look with the help of google photos. You can edit, animate, change photos according to your choice in terms of editing in google photos. You can see great transformations after using google photos tools and commands for our pictures.
Google forms and drawings

This is a feature which is used by people to create surveys for their researches, data collection, or anything like that. It is a tool which is very popular among both students and professionals to carry out their work. You get the results in a spreadsheet format. Users can create charts and diagrams with great ease with the help of google drawings. There are a lot of various other applications which is being offered by google drive; it can also be downloaded from the chrome web store.

Application development::

We need to go through a PDF file urgently and need to do some changes on it immediately. It gets quite tough to get the job done quickly. But application development feature of google drive makes it possible for the users. Google drive subscribers can also use to make changes, add, subtract data to their PDF, files, spreadsheets, powerpoint slides, and documents. This feature help user to save a lot of their time and money.

Google Drive

Offline mode::

When there is no internet connection, nothing operates without it. So, you can go offline mode with google drive’s Offline feature. You would not need any internet connection to use google docs. You need to set up offline use along with chrome, but for this, you will need an internet connection. Once you have an offline mode, you can continue working without the connection.

You will be able to view, edit your docs, google sheets, drawings, and slides even when you are disconnected. The file will be synchronized when you will use it for the next time with an internet connection.

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