Jio Giga Fiber: How to Install and Best Offers

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JioJio Giga Fiber is a combo service providing broadband internet, fixed-line telephone service and television set-top-box launched by Reliance in August 2019 and here’s what you need to know about it-

How to install it?

Unlike any other Internet service providers (ISPs), you can’t just submit an application for a new connection of the Jio Giga Fiber. The interested consumers are expected to register their interest in the service on the company’s website or through its mobile app, and once the service is ready for the commercial rollout in your area, the company will let you know the connection details.

However, there is a reason to believe that the company executives have already started making tours of areas where Jio’s fibre infrastructure is set in place in order to find potential customers for the Jio Giga Fiber. You can approach these executives directly if you want to get your service installed.

Jio giga fiber

The detailed Jio Giga Fiber plans are yet to be officially detailed, but all the new connections are currently being offered by the company under the preview offer for the time being. The commercial rollout is expected to be announced in the coming months, and the company is most likely to reveal the plans at the same time.

As far as the Jio Giga Fiber preview offer is concerned, the company is asking for Rs. 4,500 as the refundable security deposit before the installation. The security deposit is claimed to be meant for the optical network terminal (ONT) which is the Giga hub Home Gateway. There are no other or extra charges for the activation, deactivation, or installation of the service. Upon dissatisfaction with the service, users can get the Giga Fiber disconnected and they get the security deposit back.

However, the company can take up to 45 days to process the refund. The service is free for the first three months in the preview offer where the customers will be given 100GB of data every month at the speed of 100Mbps. Apart from that, if a consumer manages to use all of the 100GB data, free 40GB top- are made available on the company’s website and app. It is currently a prepaid service.

Jio giga fiberhat are the best offers?

Jio has designed different plans for different areas and localities for the Jio Giga Fiber service. The company has segmented the plans for the service into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Titanium plans which offer different specifications.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold plans offer 100 Mbps to 250 Mbps speed of 100GB, 200GB and 500GB of data for Rs 699, Rs 849 and Rs 1299 respectively. The other plans are on the other side of the speed and data spectrum. The Platinum and Titanium plans offer 1Gbps speeds and 2500GB and 5000GB data, respectively. Both these premium plans are priced at Rs 3999, and Rs 8499 respectively and are suitable for people who have high speed and more data demands.

However, the best Jio Giga Fiber plan for a regular household user would be the ‘Diamond’ plan. It offers 500 Mbps speed and 1.25 Terabytes of data for Rs 2499 and is coupled with access to premium content. Not only that, but it also offers VR experience on the VR headset. As part of the company’s ‘Welcome Offer’, 24-inch HDTV worth Rs 12,990 is also included in the Diamond plan. Apart from that, the company also offers a Gold Plan, which is the next best plan if the ‘first day first show’ movies and VR experience do not interest you. The Gold plan is a part of the Jio forever plan and offers 500GB data at 250 Mbps speed at a monthly rental of Rs 1,299.

Jio giga fiber

The new Jio Giga Fiber is all set to change your digital life experience forever. It will make it faster and easier for you to explore contents that are online and that too at a reasonable price. The different preview plans that are being offered by the company are mentioned above. You can go through it and choose the one that suits your needs the best. Although, you might have to check the availability of the service in your area or locality first because the service is made available in very few limited geographical locations for the time being.

So now you know everything there is to know about Reliance’s Jio Giga Fiber service and can take an informed decision as to how to go about using this new doorway to technology. The service has been a marvellous experience as per the current customer reviews. The company is still working expanding the ground of availability of the service and is expected to achieve it in the near future. Till then, browse away!

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