10 best data science professional certificate programs online.

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There are several options for data science programs with certifications online. They give free and paid learning resources to people to be beginners, intermediate learners, or even experts. In this article, these courses have been listed after doing extensive research to give you the very best options to go for.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate::

If you are willing to pursue a career in data science or any machine learning, then you can go with them. The certification course consists of a series of about 9 sessions. It will help you in acquiring skills that are relevant to work in the industry with the projects available. The lectures cover all the topics, which includes data visualization, analysis, libraries, and open-source tools. You also get assignments and projects towards the end of the program, to show your skills and upgrade your resume with this certification course.

Data Science Certification from Harvard University (edX)::

This is a certification program from Harvard University that will teach you about the key data science essentials, which include R and machine learning which uses case studies from real-world to help you better and start your career in data science.
It is also spread across 9 courses which include R Basics, Visualization, Probability, Inference and Modeling, Productivity Tools, Wrangling, Linear Regression, Machine Learning. You will be given a capstone project for the test to see your skills. The things you will learn include R programming language, statistical concepts, and data analysis techniques simultaneously.

Data Science and Statistics Certification by MIT (edX)::

This is a certification from Massachusetts Institute of Technology which is followed by a series of 5 courses to help you build the foundation of data science, statistics, and machine learning. It starts from the basic probability and statistics, then you will be taken to learn data analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms. You are advised to have mathematical reasoning, python programming proficiency, and college-level calculus to make the most of this certification.

Data Science Micro Masters Certification by UC SanDiego (edX)::

This is an online adaption of a master’s degree program in Data Science by UC San Diego. This course goes deep into the concepts of data science in the multiple month’s duration of this course. You will learn about the mathematical and computational tools and will be taught about using them to make data-driven recommendations. You will study Python for Data Science, Probability and Statistics, Machine Learning Fundamentals, and Big Data Analytics using Spark.

Data science courses

Data Science Specialization — JHU @ Coursera::

This course series is highly rated and the one who sees most enrollments by Johns Hopkins University. You will learn the core knowledge on statistics which is in a complete section itself and is a very important aspect in learning data science. Other content includes R programming language with a mix of both theory and application. One should have knowledge of Algebra and some programming experience to learn it in a better way.

Introduction to Data Science — Metis::

This is also a very highly rated course which is taught live by data scientists from top companies. It is a six-week-long course. The specialty of this course is that it is a live online course. One should have knowledge of Python, some basic statistics, and some linear algebra.
Applied Data Science with Python — UMich
This course is by the University of Michigan, which focuses on the applied side of data science. You will learn about data science Python libraries: matplotlib, pandas, nltk, scikit-learn, and networkx, and about using them on real-world data.


Dataquest is one of the best and reliable resources for inline learning. You will learn to work on full-fledged data science projects. It mainly focuses on the data science learning curriculum for Python. It has 31 courses which cover all the important aspects and imparts you a very deep understanding of the subject.

CS109 Data Science — Harvard::

This is one of the best courses for a beginner. It has python in the main course and teaches you about several data science libraries. It is a course that covers all the parts of data science processes. It is completely free.

Python for Machine Learning Bootcamp & Data Science — Udemy::

This course covers all the aspects of Python, visualization, and statistical learning concepts that are needed for every data science project. The perks of going for this course is assignments. This is more focused on the applied side but lacks a section on statistics. If you are planning to go for this one you should team it with separate statistics and probability course as well.

Data science coursesSo, these were the top courses you can plan to do if you are willing to go ahead in data science and learn more aspects with the help real-world case studies to help you learn better. You can choose the one that suits you according to the curriculum.

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