Best Cloud security techniques to save important data.

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Data security is one of the major issues in information technology. When we store data in different places, even in every place of the globe, data safety becomes a serious issue. The cloud technology is used by everyone out there, you use your private and sensitive information out there, some of the information needs to stay confidential, but you cannot say that your data is completely safe and secure.The concerns are privacy protection and data security for the users.

Some of the commonly faced cloud computing risks are:

• Loss of private and sensitive data.
• Malware infections.
• Hacked interfaces.
• Permanent data loss from your systems.
• Abusing cloud services.
• Violating existing regulatory controls.
• Insider threat by lot os undefined factors.
• Hijack of accounts and the network.

But there are many security techniques to save important data. Let’s have a look at them::


Backup of data locally::

This is one of the most important things while managing data, ensure having backups of your data. Keep electronic copies of the data; it enables you to continue accessing them even when the original one gets corrupted and missing. Try saving them on other cloud storage and in any external storage devices.

Using cloud service that encrypts data::

Always keep a check on the cloud storage services as it offers local encryption for the data. This is secured by double layers, as to gain access files will have to be decrypted. Your files are even protected by administrators and service providers when you use this method. Your data gets tightly secured by using preventive methods such as data encryption.

Cloud securityCloud security

Encrypt before uploading::

Cloud storage encrypts data automatically, but you should always encrypt your data before uploading. As there are a lot of third-party encryption tools that apply passwords and encryptions to your files.

Setting up a data governance framework::

A data governance framework helps to identify who all can access and take a specific date for their use. You get to outline standards and procedures for the overall security and integrity. You can start by forming a governing body, typically the key members of the management team and IT department. You can define a set of procedures on providing access to the employees on various levels. This only shares the specific data which is needed by the staff.

Ensure passwords are stronger::

You should always provide stronger passwords for the prevention of the files from being hacked and hijacked.
If you are in business, to safeguard it, make sure you never keep your passwords, important documents on email messages. As there are chances of them getting exposed when the system or email service provider is hacked and makes it easy to have access on your sensitive data through your already stored passwords on the email box.

Protect your sensitive data::

Any of your disgruntled employees can also violate your data security. So, we advise you to use some internal controls on the accessibility of your data which restricts the access of your staff and downloading information from your company’s cloud platform will be in your control. It gives access to only selected employees who use on-premise devices to print or download the data from the software.

Cloud Security

Using anti-virus software’s and firewalls::

Using anti-virus software’s and firewalls prevent any intrusions into the system and detects when any unwanted action is occurring. Hackers get easy access to your account and can misuse your private and sensitive information when there is no proper protection in the system. As cloud software is accessed on different devices, each system which has access to the software or document needs to be protected.
Firewalls give an additional layer of security and defence to your network perimeter. It prevents advanced threats to the systems and ensures great safety to use systems and entire network.

Training staff on security and preventive practices::

We all understand that the risks in cloud computing are not due to technology; it is because of human error. You need to train yourself and the staff (if you are running a business) on security best guidelines and practices. Training should include educating about detecting phishing and hacking ways and methods.

Testing the security measures::

You can also hire people who are certified and are ethical hackers to test the security level and position of your accounts and sensitive information. They help to investigate at better levels. They can help to prevent any information and data leakage.


So, it is all under control when you use the above tips and techniques to protect your data and be more aware of cloud security. Cloud security is a major issue which needs attention as it can lead to many harmful threats to your system and network, but as long as you know how to manage cloud security with great measures and preventive steps, your data will be safe and secure.

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