Best methods of data loss prevention 2019.

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Data loss prevention is simple and most effective strategies to ensure the safety and security of your sensitive data, documents: Files, and any other relevant information. The aim is to keep data intact, and it should not be out from the company’s network. It is an essential aspect of the business and its development and growth.

There are a few methods and ways you can ensure data loss prevention in 2019:


Backup your data::

Automating the data backups is the most effective and essential, data loss prevention method you should follow to keep a check on your data. There are many ways to lose your data, be it accidentally or intentionally. In many research’s the results have shown that most of the times data is shared on the network due to human error and mistakes.

You should set automatic data backups to google drive or OneDrive for the protection of your data, and files. There are so many additional sources that are available in the market for the prevention of your data. There are 3rd party data backup solutions for the companies that need prevention backups and want additional security and defence for their companies.

By setting up policies for data loss prevention::

The first step is classification; you need to classify the different types of data that you have on your system. Then you need to identify what level of security every kind of data needs. It can be done by categorizing the data ranging from ‘open source’ to ‘critical’. It will help in determining the level of prevention and policies it would need. After classifications, you can set up plans for the accessibilities of the users.

Data protection

Use of data loss prevention software::

By using the data loss prevention software’s, you are allowed to automate the policies, help in monitoring, handling and detecting risks. You can identify the right software for you and your company by knowing the technology used by the team for storing, accessing, and sharing the data. There are three types of data loss prevention software’s mainly: endpoint, network, and cloud DLP.

Monitoring the improper usage of data::

There are instances when the information is shared which should not be unintentionally due to human error, or mistake by team members. Some employees may also sell the information and leak sensitive document on the dark web. There could be any reason for this as sometimes an employee gets offended if the boss had pointed out their mistakes or so. They take it personally and tries to plot against the company. So, to prevent your data, you need to monitor the usage of data regularly and keep track of it. As even accidental incidents can lead to the highest degrees of data loss and sensitive information leak of your company or brand.

Monitoring account takeover behaviours::

You need to monitor account takeovers as it is a highly impactful method of data loss prevention. There are right data loss prevention tools and technologies to get the task done. It let you monitor and control login locations. You know where your login locations should be, so, you can easily detect if there is any different location that it is unauthorized. You can set DLP policy to reject logins which are illegal and coming out of your site. Monitoring account takeovers also tracks the number of login attempts. You get to know when any account is on the target by observing the login attempts over a minute, few hours, or a few days. Once it is figured out, you can take proactive actions by resetting the passwords for your account to prevent data loss.

Data loss prevention CASB::

By using Data loss prevention CASB, you can easily detect any suspicious behaviours like a large number of file downloads in a single-use by any specific user. If there is any abnormal sharing detected, outside the regular network, and domain behaviour, if there are any uploading files or sharing and sending emails which contain malware or phishing links, you would be able to detect the activity instantly.

Data protection

Always audit the data environment for risks regularly:

This is the most essential and best data loss prevention method to periodically audit your data environment for any new threats and vulnerabilities. It could be due to any reason like if an employee is using an unsanctioned Saas Application, or there is any new patch updated in the existing apps, and more. It will help you audit and monitor the risks 24*7.

So, there are a lot of options for data loss prevention methods which are available for information technology teams. Choose the right tools and techniques for your data loss prevention and protect your important and sensitive information, files and documents from being exposed outside your network.

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