How to Build Tech Blog to Earn 1000$ a Month

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With the rise in social media, blogs have become the talk of the town. There is a blog for everything, and if you are doing it right, you might as well earn something out of it. Here’s how you can create a profitable tech blog-

1. Blogging Platform-

You start with selecting the correct blogging platform for your blog. There are various options that have been made available to you through the internet like WordPress, Blogger, Ghost, etc. You should always go with a self-hosted website. One thing to remember is that if you want to earn money, you will have to spend money. Therefore, going for free sites may not work out because they come with their own set of limitations and can stunt the growth of your blogging career. You can either custom-code your website or go through websites like WordPress that provides you with a community of themes and plug-ins to customize your website.

2. Domain Name-

After you have chosen your blogging platform, you have to select a domain name for your page. Having a domain name gives identity to your blog, and therefore, you should always go for domain names that can be branded. Once you settle on your domain name, you can buy it, or it can come free with your hosting provider.

3. Hosting-

After you are done with the above two, you will have to host your tech blog, and this is why it is important to pick out your hosting provider carefully. If you are expecting a large amount of traffic on your page, then you should go with provers with clouds, and if you are just starting out, a reliable SSD-powered shared hosting provider might just do the trick.


Now that you have set up your blog successfully let’s talk about how you can earn from it-


1. Link Building-

A little promotion can prove to be very wealthy for your blog. When the link to your blog gets shared, it increases the traffic on your page and also increases the number of the inbound links of your blog. This is called link building. The more the number of inbound links, the better rank your blog gets in search results and the better the rank of your blog, the better the amount you receive for getting your blog out there.

2. Promotion-

Once you get your blog out there, you will be getting promotional offers. If your blog is up and running, and you have a good audience and traffic base, you are ought to get offers from different platforms to promote their product on your blog. This way, you earn the amount for promoting, your blog expands its reach, and the offering party also gets its job done. The more famous your blog gets online; the more monetary compensation you are offered.

3. Guest Blogging-

Once your blog gets the numbers, you can also open your monetary doors towards guest blogging. Guest blogging is basically people asking to post their stuff on your blog since your blog has the audience they want their product to make known to. Tech blogs with decent traffic get a lot of guest blogging requests. You can earn an appropriate amount of revenue by agreeing to let people post about their products on your blog. It diversifies the content of your blog, gets you money and saves you the effort of actually doing something. Guest blogging is taken care of by the party offering, that is, under your supervision.


4. Content Requests-

Once your blog is settled with stable revenue, another earning opportunity opens up for you. Since your blog has decent traffic, you will be getting content requests, i.e. companies wanting to hire you to write posts for their blogs. Your blog acts as your portfolio here. The success of your blog is directly proportional to the amount these companies would be willing to offer you for writing their posts for them. You can earn some extra cash by accepting some content requests.

So, this was everything you needed to know about creating tech blogs that can help you earn up to 1000$ in a month. If you follow everything you are asked to and consider the above mentioned earning opportunities, you are golden. Always remember that the success of any blog depends upon its capability of attracting an audience and engaging traffic. Your blog will not exist until someone reads it, and in order for someone to read it, you need to curate creative and engaging content. You need to come with ideas that will intrigue visitors and encourage them to share your blog further. This is primarily how the link building process begins, which will eventually lead you to have a pocket full of cash.

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