How to get installed an SSL for free on your website?

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What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a network protocol that is for securing the data transfer between a system’s browser and the website they are staying on. There is a transfer of information such as sensitive data like credit card information, payment details, or any login credentials when a user visits a website\SSL is recommended for each and every website available on the internet. SSL is required for all those websites which take user’s data like login details, payment information, credit cards, and more. Even if you have an e-commerce store or a membership website, you need to get an SSL

It’s all about adding a level of safety and security to your website. SSL certificate has nothing to do with your website security of someone hacking in your website.SSL certificates help secure in encrypting data that is sent from the website to some one’s computer. Having an SSL certificate also casts a positive impression of your brand and website among your users.

How does SSL certificate Work for the website?

SSL helps in protecting the information by encrypting the data transfer, which takes place between a user’s browser and the website. When the user visits an SSL/HTTPs website, their website will first verify the validation of an SSL certificate for the website. Internet becomes a lot safer when more and more websites get their SSL certificates.

SSL certificate

Where do you find a Free SSL Certificate?

There are so many sources to get your SSL certificate from certified authorities; some of the most reliable ones are:

• Let’s Encrypt: This certificate is valid for 90 days.

• Cloudflare: it is free for personal blogs and websites

• FreeSSL: this certificate is free for startups and nonprofits customers until their business and brand start to grow and earn money and generate some income.

• StartSSL: this certificate is valid for one to three years

• GoDaddy: This certificate is free for open-source projects, and it is valid for a year.
The steps involved in getting an SSL certificate for free are as follows:

• Install SSL certificate on the host: Once you are done with enabling your free SSL certificate, the next step is setting up WordPress to start using HTTPS, not HTTP in your all URLs. The best and easiest way to do this is to install and activate the Simple SSL plugin on the website which you want to get a certificate for.

• Activation: Upon activation, the plugin will go through to see if the SSL certificate is enabled or not. After that, HTTP will be turned to HTTPS redirect, and you need to change your website settings to embark using SSL/HTTPs.

• You need to have a check on whether the URLs of your website are loaded using the HTTPS protocol as if there is even a single HTTP link, your website would be considered as insecure by the visitor. The Really Simple SSL plugin automatically enables it; it fixes the URLs when the webpage loads. This plugin will automatically configure the website and update all the URLs to redirect them to HTTPs by updating the .htaccess file or by running some JavaScript code.

• In addition to it, the Simple SSL plugin also fixes any insecure issues regarding the content automatically, with great ease.

• You need to make sure that not even a single URL still loads with the insecure HTTP protocol. Otherwise, your entire website would not be considered as fully secure by the users and visitors of the website.

SSL certificate

• Replace HTTP with HTTPs: For fixing these URLs, use browser’s inspect tool to search them and to replace the correct HTTPs URLs. You can replace the HTTP with HTTPs in the text fields of both the sections, i.e. WordPress Address (URL) AND Site Address (URL). Click on the Save changes button to make changes in the URLs.

• Verification: verification of the ownership of the domain will be done, for which you have done this process and are trying to get a free SSL certificate. There are a total of three options for the verification of the domain: Automatic FTP verification, Manual FTP verification using DNS.

• After the successful verification of your domain name, your SSL Certificate will be generated.

• Download your SSL certificate. You will get your SSL certificate which will be available and ready to download, you can download once it is done.

• Simple SSL plugin help to set up a free SSL certificate in WordPress in the easiest way.
Follow these steps which are mentioned above with accuracy, and get your SSL certificate installed. This is how you can get a free SSL Certificate for your website. Compose and configure it for a safe and secure environment for your website.

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