Benefits of cloud hosting and Best cloud hosting providers under 10$.

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Websites are everything these days. Every successful company has one or more than one website. Even small businesses like hair salons, car washes, window repairs, and so on have their own websites. It has come to a point where people do not trust a company that does not have a website. A website serves many purposes for a company. First of all, it increases the brand awareness of the company and the products that they offer. Secondly, it creates a sense of trust in the brand. A company looks more dignified on their websites.

A website also lists all the important information of the company, right from the address of the company till the working hours, people no longer need to call to find out where the company is or when they work. This is one of the most basic uses of a website. Websites are not only made for companies; many individuals, like celebrities, also have their own websites. Projects that are currently underway, also have their own websites.

Inorder to have a website that is available on the internet, a company has to have a partnership with a popular hosting provider. A cloud hosting service is essentially a service that displays your website on your behalf. It is where the data on your website is stored. The cloud hosting service provider will have high capacity servers that will have high up times.

Cloud Hosting

  • What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

a. Low cost:

If you are a small company, then set up your own servers to host your website will be an extremely costly affair. Not only will you have to spend on the hardware requirements in the form of huge servers, but you will also have to have a space to house all the servers and related equipment, but you will also have to pay network and server engineers to maintain the servers properly and ensure that you are connected online always.
Cloud hosting services are very cheap these days; you can start with as little as 10$ a month. With a cloud hosting service, you need not bother with maintaining servers, allocating space for them, and hiring more engineers.

b. Scaling problems:

Suppose you do invest a lot of money in servers and everything, and because of your website, your company grows very big. As you grow bigger, your needs also increase. This means that you will have to spend again to upgrade your servers to handle the new loads that it is presented with. This is, again, a huge investment.

With a cloud hosting service provider, you will not have these problems. Cloud hosting services have a very big infrastructure, and upgrading to a bigger plan is just a click away; you do not need to worry about anything else regarding scaling up or scaling down your online presence.

c. Speedy server setup:

You can deploy a website in just minutes with a hosting provider. If you think about your own server, it will take you weeks to do the same thing, if not months. All you need to do with a hosting provider is tell them what plan you want, give them the data that you want to be displayed on the URL that you have purchased, or have to purchase and then sit back and relax as the website is deployed in just minutes.

Which are some of the best cloud hosting providers?

There are a lot of hosting providers that provide cloud-based hosting for free. The problem with these services is that they have low up times and high downtimes. Also, you will have to do everything yourself as the customer support for free products is non-existent. There is no point in having a website if it is always down. That is why you should preferably choose some cheap hosting providers.

Cloud hosting

Some of them are:

a. HostGator:

HostGator is one of the least expensive cloud hosting providers out there. You can try their 45-day money-back guarantee before you pay for your plans. They have huge storage capabilities and also have a lot of upgrades for security, productivity, backups as well as domain privacy. You can start hosting with HostGator for as low as $4.95 per month.

b. Hostwinds:

Hostwinds is unique in one way. They also offer hourly billing options that let you pay for only the amount of resources that they use. They have highly sophisticated security features that will keep your website safe always. You can start hosting with HostGator for as low as $4.99 per month.

c. InterServer:

This is one of the cheapest options for new customers. InterServer has a plan where new customers need to pay only 0.01$ for the first month. You can choose from Linux based as well as windows-based hosting as per your preference. They also offer a free Webuzo control panel.

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