Main issues of Android apps and their solutions.

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The Android operating system is one of the most popular operating systems’ in use today. Most of the smartphones that do not run on the Apple iOS running on the Android OS. Just like any other operating system, Android OS also has some minor bugs and glitches every now and then. This is mainly because of how apps are coded and integrated with the Android OS. Because it is one of the most popular OS for mobile-based applications and some new laptops, there are tons of apps and services that run on the Android OS.

While most of these problems just go away when you close the app and then reopen it, there are a few bugs that may need some work to be done in order to make them work properly. These fixes are very easy, and you do not need to be a computer engineer who programs apps to use them. Read on to find some of the main issues of android apps and how to solve them easily and quickly.

1. Battery drain:

Perhaps one of the most common problems that people face with android apps is the amount of battery that these apps drain. This can effectively kill your mobile phone’s battery within a few hours if you are a very intensive user. There are some easy ways to fix this battery drain problem:

a. Clear all background apps:

Click the apps button on your android device (usually on the opposite side of the back button) and physically remove the apps that are working in the background by pushing them away. This will help close these apps and stop draining the battery in the background.

b. Set up power-saving modes:

Most mobiles these days have power-saving modes. Go to settings, find the battery option, and select the power saving mode that looks the best to you. Many mobiles also allow you to customize the times that the power saving mode is turned on and can also turn on when the battery reaches a low power.

Android apps
2. Sudden freezing as well as slow user interface response:

This is a very common problem in all devices, and not only restricted to the android OS. Sudden freezing of apps as the phone ages is common. Even installing a large number of apps on your phone will lead to this. If your phone does not have a very powerful processor and low RAM, then the phone will be laggy. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to solve this problem:

a. Uninstall unwanted apps:

There is a lot of bloatware that comes preinstalled in some phones. If you do not need these apps and you do not use them, you can uninstall them. If you cannot uninstall them, then you can disable these apps so that they do not waste any space on your phone. Just go to settings, apps, and then choose the app and uninstall or disable.

b. Clear cache:

The cache is the data of an app that is stored on your phone. You can resolve most speed issues of an app by just clearing out the cache. Cleaning the app cache is easy; all you have to do is g to settings then apps and then click on the clean cache. You should restart the phone once you clear the cache for optimal usage.

3. Google play store crashing repeatedly:

Google play store is the go-to place for all android apps. It is also the official platform from where you can download apps without having to worry about viruses and security issues. Google play store also updates the apps on your automatically if it is told to do so. If google play store is crashing as soon as you launch it, the most probable reason is a cache that is corrupted. Unfortunately, you cannot just uninstall and reinstall google play. So, in order to fix this particular problem, you have to clear the cache, just like how you did for the other apps. Once you clear the cache, restart your phone to start the play storeAndroid apps

4. Issues with connection:

Smartphones are always connected to the internet via Wi-fi or cellular data. Your phone may also be connected to another device via Bluetooth. Many times, because of prolonged connections, there are problems with the connection interfaces, and the connections will not work as they are intended to. Solving a connection related problem with your android device is pretty easy.

a. Go to airplane mode:

Android has an inbuilt feature of the airplane mode. In the airplane mode, all communication interfaces like cell signals, wi-fi, Bluetooth are disabled. Just go to settings and find airplane mode under connections. Turn it on for about 30 seconds and then turn it off to restart all the communication interfaces. This should solve most of your problems.

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