Top 10 most productive gadgets to save time.

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Time is everything in the fast-moving world of today. Business professionals, students, homemakers, and everyone else also have a shortage of time. In these busy times, technology often comes to our aid. So, here is a list of 10 of the most productive gadgets that you can use to save time and spend it on you.

1. Bluetooth tracking tags:

This is a common story. You are all ready to go to the office or to school, but you can’t seem to find your keys. You look all around the house, and yet you cannot find your keys. In this morning battle with your keys, you are losing a lot of precious time, time that you could have used otherwise on yourself or at work. Because you are late, you will drive more recklessly and may get stuck in traffic and waste more time. The answer to that problem is here in the form of Bluetooth tracking tags. These are very easy to use; all you have to do is hook one up to your keys, your wallet, or anything else you can’t find. You can make the tag ring, or you can also look at where you last used it on your phone, saving you lots of time.

2. Robot Vacuum:

Cleaning the house is a very stressful and time-consuming job. Now, all you have to do is get a smart robot vacuum cleaner that will do all the work for you. All you need to do is charge it up and put it down. Some robot vacuums these days have inbuilt time sensors that help it turn on at a specified time; this means that you can schedule the cleaning of your house when you are away, and by the time you are back, your house is clean and tidy with minimum effort on your part.

3. Garment steamer:

Gone are the days of standing up and ironing out your clothes for the week. With the garment steamer, you can steam iron your clothes in a matter of seconds and not have to think about it again till the next week. There will be no more standing over the ironing board for hours for wrinkle-free clothes; all you need is a handheld or professional garment steamer. The great thing about this is you can use it to steam things like curtains and not even have to take them down!


4. Vegetable slicer:

If you are a homemaker or a working professional that cooks, you know that cutting vegetables take up a lot of time. Just get an electronic veggie slicer to do the job for you in seconds, and don’t waste any more time on it.

5. Smart speaker:

With a smart speaker like the Amazon Alexa or the Google home mini, you don’t even have to get up from your place to do small things like turning on the lights, changing the music, and so on. These smart devices will listen to your voice commands and do what you need in a jiffy.

6. Power shower scrubber:

Soap scum and hard water stains are very irritating as they are difficult to remove. With a power tool like the power shower scrubber, gone are the days that you would manually have to spend hours of your weekend scrubbing and scrubbing. With a replacement of attachment heads, you can use this powerful tool to clean almost anything, from your sink to your taps in just a few minutes.

7. Mini electric air compressor:

This is a boon for office goers as well as homemakers. If you think you have low air in your car and you don’t have any time to go to the petrol bunk for some air, all you have to do whip out the mini air compressor and let it inflate your tire in seconds. Homeowners can use it to inflate anything from balls to balloons to air beds.

8. Automatic pet feeder:

If you have a pet that wakes up early and needs to be fed, you are definitely not getting enough sleep. Buy an electronic pet feeder that can feed your pets at the specified times in the day and save more time for yourself.

9. I have a timed electric stove:

If you have ever had milk boil over the pot, you know that you shouic stove that has an inbuilt timer that can turn off the stove after a while. You no longer need to stand next to the pot as it is boiling, just put in the time and do better work!


10. Magnetic cable clips:

Getting earphones out of a tangle is the most frustrating and time-consuming thing ever. With magnetic clip cables, you can wind your earphones so that you don’t have to keep untangling them when you need them!

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